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Ina, Mynah and Mo Trapping Mina Indoors?!
Writer: Staff Reporter

Thane, Mumbai: A new sport called waveboarding is all the rage in Thane. The waveboard has only two wheels as opposed to four on a skateboard. And as the name suggests, it looks like you are riding a wave but on solid ground!

We caught up with Mina Halbe, daughter of famous chef Bina Halbe, and asked her about this latest trend. “I’m really excited about trying my hand at waveboarding! I’ve even borrowed a waveboard from a friend and I’m all set to participate in Thane’s local Waveboarders Meet. It is a really interesting take on skateboarding,” she said. She even showed us a few tricks she was trying to learn before the event.

But while Mina was very excited about this hobby, her sisters didn’t seem too thrilled. In fact, sources have revealed that Ina, Mynah and Mo Halbe don’t want their sister to take part in this event. Do Ina, Mynah and Mo think that waveboarding is too dangerous a sport or is there something else behind their objections? Will they succeed in keeping Mina from the event? Find out in Tinkle 777 W3!

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