Do-It-Yourself: Tinkle-Tac-Toe


Greetings, Tinkle reader! Here are the images you need for your fantastic Tinkle-Tac-Toe playing tokens. Here’s how you can create your tokens:

  1. Read the DIY instructions in Tinkle Holiday Special 51 properly, at least up till step 2, before you proceed here.
  2. Save any two of the Tinkle Toon images given below by right-clicking on the image, and selecting ‘Save Image As’. Pick your favourite Toons! One will represent the ‘X’ and the other ‘O’.
  3. Print these two out after adjusting them to a size appropriate for your Tinkle-Tac-Toe board. Make sure to print out 3 copies of each, to create the correct number of tokens required for the game.
  4. Once you have taken the printouts, cut along the dotted lines to get circular images of the Toons.
  5. Now, follow the steps given in Holiday Special 51 and enjoy your very first game of Tinkle-tac-Toe!






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