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Defective Detectives Investigating Garbage?
Writer: Staff Reporter

Bandra, Mumbai: A waitress at a restaurant in a mall in Bandra shocked all her customers, when she was caught shouting at two boys who had ordered a lot of food but had no way of paying for it. However, upon investigation, it turned out this incident was just the tip of the iceberg.

The boys in question are the (in)famous Defective Detectives who were apparently solving an important case in the mall that day. We caught up with them to get more details. “We had just finished watching the latest Agent Glue movie when we saw a shady man spying on a cleaner who is part of the mall’s staff,” said Rahul. “We were confident that Mr. Shady hates cleanliness, so his goal was to eliminate anyone who kept their surroundings clean,” added Ravi. 

Who is this Mr. Shady? And why is he after a mall maintenance worker? Is this cleaner an innocent man after all? Or is there more dirty business at play here! Find out in Tinkle 776 W2.

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