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Mystery at Borivali National Park?
Writer: Staff Writer

MUMBAI: The Borivali National Park in Mumbai is a beautiful place that is perfect for nature lovers. It is a huge park that is home to numerous animals and birds.

Little did the SuperWeirdos know that they would come across something shocking.

Aisha Kurian Dhar was at the Borivali National Park with her friends Heer, Nyima and Saaras for a fun evening. Things quickly started to unravel. First, they learned from Saaras’ uncle that all the creatures had gone missing from the park. Cheetahs, monkeys, deer, birds and even insects! Then Saaras’ pet goat Bitoo showed up with scary, red eyes! What was more strange was that the SuperWeirdos heard loud rumblings in the park, the ground beneath them started shaking and they were surrounded by animals with red eyes!

Who caused such trouble there? Word is that as Aisha and her friends tried to solve this mystery and save Bitoo, they met an old enemy. To find out who the enemy is, read the full story in Tinkle’s February edition!

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