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Chess Facts for Rookies!
Writer: Adwaita Kartik Murthy 
Illustrator: Pranay Bendre


Board games are a fun way to spend time with friends and family. But chess trumps all! It’s thrilling, strategic and keeps the players on their toes! Here are some fun facts about the game!  

  1. The game Chaturanga is considered the predecessor of chess because the rules of both games are quite similar, from the moves of different pieces to the main objective of the game—to capture the king.
  2. On February 10, 1996, Deep Blue became the first computer to win a chess game against reigning world chess champion, Garry Kasparov.
  3. Mathematically, there are more possible games of chess than there are atoms in the observable universe!
  4. Why is 20 July considered as World Chess Day? The UN General Assembly chose this date to acknowledge the establishment of the International Chess Federation in Paris in 1924.
  5. Chess has the power to unify people of every background. It promotes fairness, inclusion, education and mutual respect. It creates feelings of tolerance and understanding amongst people. It is because of these advantages that the UN considers chess vital for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are 17 goals adopted by the UN in 2015 in an attempt to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
  6. Chess has been around for ages! The earliest reference to the game comes from a Persian (now Iranian) manuscript from around 600 CE. It describes an ambassador from the Indian subcontinent visiting King Khosrow I (531 – 579 CE) and presenting him with the game as a gift.
  7. Chess is a brain booster! When playing the game, you will be challenged to exercise logic, develop pattern recognition, make decisions both visually and analytically, and even test your memory.
  8. Interested in visiting a chess paradise? Located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA is a Hall of Fame dedicated to chess! It houses and honours the achievements and contributions of the world’s best players. There are also exhibitions that explore various aspects of the game, from its history to its impact on art and culture.
  9. Chennai is India’s chess capital! Tamil Nadu is home to 26 of the 74 Indian Grandmasters.
  10. The 44th Chess Olympiad was hosted in 2022 in the seaside town of Mahabalipuram located near Chennai. This was India’s first Olympiad as a host.  



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