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Celebrate Christmas, Hujli Style!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Rajib Das

HUJLI: Christmas has finally arrived in Hujli! The streets are lined with fairy lights and holly. Candy canes are sticking out of post boxes and a Christmas tree can be seen at every street corner. But the real highlight of the season is Hujli’s traditional Annual Christmas Week Celebration!

As always, Raja Hooja has declared a week-long holiday in Hujli so that everyone can participate in the festivities that the palace has planned.

There is going to be a snow-flavoured laddu eating contest on day 1. Be sure to sign up soon. Day 2 will see the Christmas parade, led by Raja Hooja himself as he rides in a sleigh pulled by actual reindeer! Everyone is invited to the palace grounds on day 3 where families can help decorate a 20-foot tall Christmas tree! You can bring your own decorations or choose from the many laddu-shaped ones at the venue. On day 4, Tantri has requested a special snow throne building contest. The winner will get to present their throne to the minister, Tantri. On days 5 and 6, everyone will hike to the tallest mountain in Hujli for a sledding competition.

And finally, the children of Hujli are invited to meet Father Christmas in the palace on day 7. His identity is a closely-guarded secret. However, this reporter can tell you that if you want some extra time with Father Christmas, be sure to take a big plate of laddus for him.

So what are you waiting for? Flip through Tinkle 783 W3 to celebrate Christmas, Hujli style!

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