Bulti’s Adventures in the Dooars
Writer: Sana Fathima

Bulti’s Adventures in the Dooars by Madhumita Roy is a brilliant story about a spirited ten year old girl named Bulti. Bulti and her family can finally afford a vacation out of town to a beautiful resort along the banks of river Murti in the Dooars, away from the city hustle of Kolkata. Little Bulti is enthralled by the exotic resort and the serene and lush scenery around. That is, until a mysterious ghost approaches her, seeking help in exacting revenge on those responsible for the ghost’s death! Why did the ghost approach Bulti of all people? Will she get to the bottom of this mystery? This book is a must read for fans of mystery and thrillers.

The book features the captivating flora and fauna of the forests of the Dooars in North Bengal. The reader is taken on a magnificent tour of tall trees, wild animals, the serene river Murti and natural scenery. Apart from this, food plays a huge role in the story as well. The author skilfully showcases mouth-watering dishes from Bengali cuisine, which will leave you craving for these delicacies.

Madhumita Roy has done a wonderful job in creating a rich world for readers to dive into. You will feel as though you are travelling along with Bulti on adventurous safaris and relaxing car rides. The writing is descriptive and easy to understand, especially for readers aged eight and above.

Would you want to join courageous Bulti on an adventure of a lifetime? Read Bulti’s Adventures in the Dooars and embark on an unforgettable journey!

Madhumita Roy works as an assistant professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIEST Shibpur. She is a writer by passion and has published a collection of short stories called Marigold Stories in 2019 with Authorspress, New Delhi. A few more of her creative works have been published in national and international magazines of repute. She has earned her PhD from IIT Kharagpur by writing her thesis on Salman Rushdie. Her academic book, based on her thesis, is forthcoming with Routledge.
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