Ask Suppandi
Birds, Oceans and the Moon!
Writer: Suppandi and Rebekah S. J.
Illustrator: Shrutika Gorule


Tanvi Pawar from Nagpur, Maharashtra, wants to ask, how do birds fly? 

Birds are very clever creatures, Tanvi. There were flight classes organized right at the beginning of time. But the winged creatures didn’t inform the other creatures. So the secret of flying still lies with them. I think they have flying classes for birds that are secretly held in treetops. Their nests become their airports. I’ve tried asking some of them, but all that they do is chirp, caw or hoot at me.

Sambhav Satra from Baroda, Gujarat, wants to ask, why are oceans salty? 

It’s a long story, Sambhav. You see, Mama crab had a flourishing sea kitchen on the ocean bed. However, newer restaurants came up and Mama crab’s restaurant began to lose business. She was so angry with the disloyal customers that she decided to take revenge. Mama crab and her family emptied all the salt in all the warehouses so that the food in other eateries would taste bad too. They were caught by the fish authorities and banned from the ocean. However, many of Mama crab’s family have come back to the ocean and live peacefully with their neighbours. 


Vaishali Topale from Rajasthan wants to ask, why is the Moon called the Moon? 

I’ll tell you, Vaishali. One night, Moon was happily looking at Earth’s little humans and animals when it spotted something delightful. It was a little calf running to its mother. Moon felt its heart melting and every night it would eagerly search for cows and calves and all that they did. It became such a big fan that it decided to call itself Moon after the cow’s moo. Moon’s first name is a secret but I think it must have been Sparkie. 

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