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Big Surprise at MantriCon!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Rajib Das and Manas Bhagwat


YUJLI: Ministers from various kingdoms have gathered in beautiful Yujli for the annual MantriCon. This year, the two-day event is focusing on learning and the theme is “Learning is Fun”. Yujli minister, Yantri, has invited the world’s top companies to display their tech and weapons. He has also invited a surprise chief guest to share their knowledge with the audience. 

This reporter spoke to Jim Took, CEO of the famous company Pineapple, who has sent some interesting weapons for display at the convention. He said, “This year we’ve created an arrow that never misses its aim, a ball that can make its target dance uncontrollably, and my personal favourite, a microchip that can put the enemy to sleep.” 

The food at MantriCon is a big hit too. Specially curated by world-renowned chef, J.J. or Jordan Jamsey, the guests can enjoy gourmet samosas with cherry tomatoes and pizza topped with apples and watermelon. 

And finally, the most important segment at this year’s MantriCon—the surprise keynote address. Yantri had great things to say about the chief guest. “All the mantris are going to benefit from the speech. It was really difficult to get the world’s greatest mantri to join us but I’m glad he’ll be here. My surprise will definitely shock the audience. I cannot wait!” 

Let’s find out what surprise awaits everyone in Tinkle 791 W3. 

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