Ask Suppandi
The Moon, the Earth, and Gravity
Writer: Divyansh Sharma and Suppandi
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


Why is the Moon called the Moon? 

In the olden days, people didn’t have computers and auto-correct. They had to write everything by hand. Astronomers too wrote down all their discoveries. Some of the astronomers were very lazy and didn’t want to write a lot. Thus, they named Earth’s satellite ‘Mon’, which had only three different letters. They didn’t want their boss to know that they had become very lazy. Hence, they added another ‘o’ to ‘Mon’. So, it became ‘Moon’. Now, we have smart phones and auto-correct. Writing is easier as everything is done online. Still, we use the names that have been established. This is why our Moon is called ‘Moon’! 

Why is Earth the third planet from the Sun? 

Wait, haven’t you heard of the Planetula 1 or P1 Ultimate Race? This was a race between all the planets of our solar system right after they had all been formed. You see, they were all best friends with the Sun and all of them wanted to stay close to it. In order to maintain the balance and order of the solar system, the Sun decided to conduct this race. Now, Earth worked really hard and prepared day and night, but still came third. But soon Earth realized that this had a silver lining. After all, its distance from the Sun made it the only habitable planet in the solar system. That’s why we’re all here today! 

Why does gravity exist? 

A very long time ago, when the gods hadn’t made humans, they lived on a planet just like we do. There was no gravity then and at night, when the gods were sleeping, the core would get torn apart and float away in space. The gods used to get lost and they had to find their way home every day. This usually took a lot of time and they used to get very restless after they got lost. To stop floating around in space, they found a solution to their problem. They created a form of power called gravity. This is how the gods stayed together and didn’t get lost over and over again. 

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