The Witch’s Challenge – Chapter 14


The witch is already outside her tent, waiting for you. It’s like she knows your quest is complete and that you are returning to her. Her hands are outstretched and she has a greedy look in her eyes. “Hurry, hurry!” she cries.  

You put your hands in your pocket to pull out the four artefacts but then you notice something that scares you. Something far more sinister.  

The witch is holding a doll that looks just like you! One of its eyes is missing, but you can still tell that it’s you!  

“Why do you have a doll of me?” you ask.  

“To protect you, of course,” the witch says. “I can stop the sorcerer from turning you into a goat with this doll. Now give me those four things!”  

She snatches the artefacts from you. She threads the golden thread into the silver needle and hurriedly sews the button where the missing eye should be. As she ties the ribbon around the doll’s neck, you realize something is very wrong.  

“Hang on a minute!” you say. “You told me the sorcerer would turn me into a pig! Just now you said goat! So which is it?”  

“Uh, well…” the witch mumbles. But you know the truth now.  

“There is no sorcerer! You were lying to me! You wanted the artefacts for your own gain!” you say.  

“Well done, you clever child,” the witch says with a nasty grin. “I only wanted this—the ribbon of power. And you’ll see why.” She knots the ribbon around your doll’s neck and pulls the ends. As the knot gets tighter and tighter, you feel a constriction in your throat that becomes stronger and stronger. It’s like there are invisible hands around your neck.  

It becomes difficult to breathe. You clutch at your throat. You begin gasping for air.   

“Yes! Feel that grip! If it works on you, it can work on anyone! Soon I can suffocate anybody I want and become the most powerful witch in the world! Muahahahaha!”  

Your vision begins to blur. You collapse to the ground. There is no end to this… there is no escape.  

Is this the end of you? Click here to find out.

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