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5 Exciting Places for Extraterrestrial Fans
Writer: Aaina Anand
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


Did you know there’s a day set aside to search the night sky for UFOs or unexplained flying objects? Many old constructions with enigmatic origins can be found all over the world. Strange occurrences and sightings have been reported in different locations. This World UFO Day, here are five spots that any extraterrestrial enthusiast should know about:

  • Wycliffe Well, Australia

Locals have often reported UFO sightings at Wycliffe Well. It is one among the top five hotspots for alien-sightings in the world. Since World War II  reports of unidentified flying objects started popping up in this area. Here, visitors can grab their telescopes and stay in the cabins and be on the lookout for such a sighting.

  • Guizhou, China

 The rural part of China’s Guizhou province houses a 500-metre  Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST),  which is also the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope. It is located in the rural part of China’s Guizhou province. In 2016, researchers found data that led them to believe that FAST is humankind’s best option to debunk messages from outer space. Visiting this wonder of science can give you a closer look at how scientists carry out work relating to extraterrestrial objects.

  • Joshua Tree National Park, USA

For many years, the place has been a meeting point for researchers around the world  to conduct their lectures and workshops on UFOs. The park was once home to 300 mines in the desert. Some researchers even believe it is an alien base.

  • San Clemente, Chile

The unofficial UFO capital of the world, the Chilean Tourism Board established a 30-km long UFO trail in the city of San Clemente in 2008. The trail takes travellers through the scenic Andes mountains covering various sites where close encounters have been reported.

  • Area 51, USA

 A secret underground facility at the base of the Papoose Mountains, Nevada was discovered by a group of UFOlogists. Ever since, this place has been famous on the internet for housing extraterrestrial beings. Whether it actually has aliens or not is debatable, but the area is highly classified. Visitors can drive up the state highway which has a sign that says ‘Extraterrestrial Highway’. Tourists can spot a number of alien-themed businesses along the way.

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