You Be The Detective
Torn to Pieces
Writer: Devika Soni
Illustrator: Savio Mascarenhas
“Ms. Shaziya gave me this book because I got the highest marks in the spelling test in our Urdu class,” Neha said. She was trying really hard not to break down in front of her class teacher, Ms. Fruitwala. “I just came back to class to get the book but…” She couldn’t hold herself together. “Hashim, can you tell me what happened?” Ms. Fruitwala said and turned to Neha’s best friend. “Yes, ma’am. Neha was very excited about getting the test paper back today. She wouldn’t stop talking about it. She really wanted to score the most because Shaziya ma’am had bought a book as a present for the top scorer. After Urdu class, we had a lunch break and I saw Neha put the book in her bag before she joined me for a game of football. She was a bit scared of leaving the book in her bag, so she asked me to come back here and check if it was still there. When I got here, the book was in Nadeem’s hands. I took it back and saw that the first three pages of the first story were ripped out. That’s when I called you,...
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