Ask Suppandi
Yawns, Peacocks and Cats!
Writer: Suppandi and Rebekah S J
Illustrator: Pranay Bendre


Why are yawns contagious 

You know how sometimes you want to tell your friends secrets? Well, long ago, mouths wanted to tell secrets to other mouths without anyone knowing. So they tried to find a way to share their secrets. Sneezing and coughing were not fun and so they decided to yawn. Yawning was not painful at all. In fact, the person would slow down a little and feel sleepy too! So, yawns are not contagious. It’s just our mouths sharing secrets! 

Why do peacocks dance in the rain? 

Peacocks have such huge feathers. Imagine what a task it must be to clean them. But nature is very helpful to peacocks and it sends them rains. When the rains come down, the feathers get cleaned and the peacocks dance in joy. Sometimes you can even see them spreading their feathers to dry. A beautiful sight, indeed! 

Why do cats keep licking themselves? 

Because cats don’t have combs to comb their fur. Once, one of them tried to comb its fur with its claws but ended up hurting itself. The poor cat then licked itself for comfort and was surprised to find that the hair got all shiny and smooth. It continued licking itself and soon it was a puffball of styled hair. All the cats were starstruck and began licking themselves too. They keep doing it because they are very conscious of their appearance and want to always look good! 


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