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Top 10 Tinkle Toon Crossovers
Writer: Aparna Sundaresan


The Tinkle Toons are pretty entertaining and chaotic by themselves. And they need no help to get into trouble. But once in a while, they meet up and unleash extra chaos! Here are the 10 most memorable times when that has happened. 

  1. Ina, Mina, Mynah and Mo meet Tantri the Mantri

The four sisters end up going to Hujli on holiday where their tour guide is a very grumpy Tantri. Now, you would expect Tantri to have some underhanded scheme behind it all, but shocker of shockers! He, along with the four girls, are kidnapped while sightseeing! But not to worry; the girls actually have a trick up their sleeves, even if Tantri doesn’t. The kidnapper better beware! 

  1. Tantri the Mantri meets Chamataka and Doob Doob

It’s 1986 and Tinkle is about to release its 100th issue! To celebrate, the Toons are marching to Mumbai to visit the Tinkle office. And among the Toons are Tantri, Chamataka and Doob Doob. The three meet for the first time and team up because they all have enemies they want to take down. What follows is utter chaos as each villain tries to lay a trap, only for a different Toon to foil their plans each time! 

  1. Mopes & Purr meet Shikari Shambu

One is a human that rescues animals. The other is an animal duo that also rescues animals. So it’s no surprise that Shambu meets Mopes and Purr in Japan, while both parties are trying to bust an illegal animal fighting ring. While Mopes and Purr are well aware of Shambu’s presence and even help him out at a crucial moment, Shambu has no clue what’s going on (as usual). It’s a thrilling tale of adventure, nerve and courage, all on the part of the animal detectives, of course. 

  1. The Defective Detectives meet Mapui Kawlim

Ravi and Rahul are on holiday in the Lakshadweep Islands, on Mapui’s invitation. But a deep sea creature rises from the waters and threatens their vacation plans. Our defective—we mean, daring duo, along with Mapui, take a ride in Tashi Kawlim’s special submersible to investigate the creature. Of course, the boys are pretty useless at it, which prompts a superhero to suddenly appear and take charge of the situation. And through it all, in true Defective Detective-fashion, Ravi and Rahul remain clueless as to who this hero is.  

  1. Suppandi meets Kalia

It’s no mystery that Suppandi always misinterprets his employers’ instructions and lands in hot water. But this time, he meets Kalia, the clever crow of Big Baan, who could help him with a tricky instruction. But before Kalia can do so, Suppandi is abducted by aliens! And to complicate matters, Tinkle Toons suddenly start popping up around Kalia and cause even more chaos. Now it’s up to Kalia to rally them all together and rescue everyone’s favourite goof, Suppandi. Hold on to your hats! 

  1. WingStar meets Aisha

There’s a strange creature on the loose in Aizwa and WingStar is on the case! And this time, she’s enlisted the help of a number of Tinkle Toons. Unfortunately, a couple of them are cowards (any names come to mind?), but WingStar finds an excellent detective partner in Aisha the SuperWeirdo. And the best part is that Aisha doesn’t even need to use her powers to crack the case! She relies on her wits and smarts to provide WingStar with the answers she needs. Now that’s a powerful duo! 

  1. Mynah and Mo meet Suppandi

Sisters Mynah and Mo are in summer camp and who should be their camp supervisor but Suppandi? In classic Suppandi fashion, he takes all their questions about the camp quite literally and gives some fantastically bizarre answers. To make matters worse, there’s also a ghost haunting the camp and it’s up to Suppandi to roll up his sleeves and help save the day. No prizes for guessing that this leads to total and utter madness! 

  1. Aisha meets Shikari Shambu

Aisha and Shambu are both recruited for a mission in Greece by none other than Hades, the Greek god of the underworld! His dog has gone missing and he needs all the help he can get to find it. Who better than our Tinkle Toons? But what he doesn’t know is that when our Toons get together, sparks of madness fly! In a magical place full of strange and spooky creatures, Shambu is scared of everything and everyone, and Aisha’s jiggly powers aren’t of much use. And yet, the two drum up enough trouble to last for a lifetime and even an afterlife-time. 

  1. Shikari Shambu meets Billy Drain

Cowardly animal conservationist meets the fangless vampire at Tinkle’s anniversary party. Then, the arrival of an unexpected guest throws things into a tizzy. The guest wants to give Billy something, but take away something else from Shambu. So naturally, there’s an accidental case of switcheroo and Billy and Shambu end up at each other’s throats! Not only does Shambu end up displaying some unexpected courage, but also some quick thinking that saves the day. 

  1. Mapui Kawlim meets Raja Hooja

Mapui travels to Kooni Island on Raja Hooja’s invitation. But something is just not right about the place. Everywhere they go, the king’s life is threatened and Mapui ends up saving him from a range of ‘accidents’—from a falling chandelier to a stray crocodile. Obviously, some malevolent force is behind it all and Mapui needs to uncover who or what that is before time runs out. Or else, Hooja falls and Tantri becomes King and *gulp* that isn’t going to be pleasant for anyone. 

When Tinkle Toons meet, you can be assured that something remarkable, bizarre, exciting and downright loony is going to happen! And if you’d like to read all these crossover stories in full, be sure to check out Suppandi & Friends Volume 1 and Volume 2! All these adventures and more await you in these Collections! 

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