The Witch’s Challenge – Chapter 4


Well done! You have completed the Scarecrow’s challenge. Reluctantly, he digs his fingers into his hat and pulls out a tiny and shiny silver drawstring pouch from the mess of hay in his head. He hands it over to you. You open the pouch and out falls a long and sharp silver needle and scrap of parchment. “What’s this?” you ask but the Scarecrow has vanished. Why do all the people in this carnival keep vanishing, you think. You read the parchment. Your eyes widen in surprise. 

“A needle is no good without a thread. 

A gold yarn you may find 

With the man who eats bread, 

But can bend steel and grind 

Rocks to dust with his forehead.” 

You stare at the words and try to make sense of them. It looks like they are instructions to find the second artefact. You step out of the barn and wonder where to go next. You decide there are three possibilities: 

The animal cages in the far side of the carnival

An enclosure that claims to contain the strongest man in the universe

The cotton candy stall



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