Tinkle Headlines
Tantri in a State of Shock
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Rajib Das

HUJLI: Raja Hooja stepping down from the throne of Hujli seems to have had a devastating impact on his loyal minister, Tantri Shadyantri.

The king had been accused of passing the most outrageous royal decrees. He finally gave in to public pressure and decided to step down from the throne. But the decision has been received poorly by Tantri, who has not left the confines of his home since. When asked for comment, one of the palace scientists and Tantri’s close aide, Dushtabuddhi, said, “Sire can’t believe what has happened. He has become very disillusioned with life in general.”

One of our sources also spotted former king Hooja dropping by to visit Tantri. It remains to be seen whether his arrival will lift Tantri’s spirits or send him spiralling deeper into misery. Read “Tantri the Mantri: All is Lost” in Tinkle 780 W1 to find out what happens.

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