Ask Suppandi
Summers, Cats, and Oceans
Writer: Mishka Prabhu and Suppandi
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


Why are summers hot and winters cold?

Even though the Sun is in space, it never really gets any space! The planets are always circling around it. I think the Sun gets fed up with all of them and needs some time away. So, when it moves away from the Earth, around the time summer ends (it’s a total coincidence), parts of the Earth experience cold winters! Soon, Sun gets bored and misses all its friends and it comes back. Lo and behold — we have hot summers on Earth again!  


Why do cats purr?

You must’ve noticed that humans often express their love and appreciation for someone who does something kind for them. Similarly, cats also express their love when their humans pet them. But cats can’t talk like human beings, so they purr! Why purr though? Because they’re trying to tell the human that they’re the best purrson! And cats love getting pampered and petted. Maybe that’s why they’re called pets! What do you think?


Why do oceans have waves?

How do you say hi to your friends? You say hello or hi, right? But since oceans cannot speak, they wave! They love waving at their friends, the other water bodies. And they get especially excited when they see human beings. They rush in to give humans a high five and this is what forms the high tide! But sometimes when they’re sad, they express it with a low tide. So, when you see a low tide, say a sweet hello to the ocean and cheer it up! 


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