Tinkle Headlines
Shambu Turns Bodybuilder?!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Savio Mascarenhas and Manas Bhagwat


TINKLE TOWN: This surprising bit of news comes from our special correspondent who saw something never seen before—Shambu in a gym! 

Shambu was seen working out under the guidance of Mr. Fiteshwar Fitman, the winner of the International Monster Muscles Championship. There were multiple runs on the treadmill, followed by burpees, stretches, and crunches. Phew! Our correspondent needed a rest after watching all this but it brought some serious questions to our mind. Is Shambu retiring from wildlife conservation? Is he going to participate in the Monster Muscles Championship too? 

Is there anyone else to take up his role? Will Tinkle ever be the same? Find the answers to all these questions and more in Tinkle 792 Week 3! 

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