Li'l Tinkle Poet
The Day I Was Born
Contributor: Sharadha Thiyagarajan


When the clock strikes midnight, 

A new year starts! 

I wake up with delight, 

Energy bursts from my heart! 

As I open my eyes and my feet hit the floor, 

Sounds of cheers barge through the door! 

With a gift in their hands, my parents walk towards the bed, 

Seeing the present, guesses ponder my head! 

After we share a very tight hug, 

I get out of bed pushing away the rug! 

Adorned in my new dress, I rush to school, 

Everyone wishes me happy birthday which I find so cool! 

I stand smiling when happy birthday everyone sings, 

Later I distribute chocolates which makes me feel like a king! 

In the evening it is so much fun, 

Cutting the cake and watching the setting sun! 

Till dinner time we play games and cherish 

Eating scrumptious food which we relish 

What a day it has been, completing another year! 

Taking the next step and conquering my fear. 


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