Tinkle Headlines
Hooja Quitting Hujli?
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Rajib Das and Shivani Pednekar


HUJLI: In news that no one could predict, Raja Hooja might be leaving Hujli soon! Eyewitnesses at Hujli Palace have reported that the king ran out of his chambers and the palace, excitedly cheering for something called ‘space laddu’. 

“I was so baffled at first,” says a palace worker. “I thought Space Laddu was a ride in the local amusement park.” It is anything but, as this reporter has uncovered. A stray letter found behind a flower pot in the palace promises “a trip to space to eat a giant laddu.” Yes, Raja Hooja is leaving this planet to eat a laddu in space! “So that’s the space laddu he was chattering about!” says another palace worker. “We know laddus are his favourite food, but we didn’t expect him to go all the way to space to eat one!” But this leads to an even bigger question—who will fill his shoes once he’s gone? “Raja Hooja has no heirs, so there will be chaos in the kingdom once he leaves!” reveals a palace insider. “Perhaps we don’t need a king after him. I say we hold elections to find Hujli’s next leader!” says an enthusiastic Hujlian. This reporter reached out to Raja Hooja’s closest ally, Tantri the Mantri, but he was unavailable to comment on the situation. 

With the king leaving and no one to take over after him, what will happen to Hujli? Is the future of the kingdom doomed? Will it be invaded by Raja Dooja and become part of Dujli? We explore the full story in Tinkle 792, Week 1. 


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