Laugh Out Loud
10 Purrfect Cat Jokes for You!
Writer: Devika Soni
Illustrator: Shivani Pednekar


Why did the cats ask for a drum set? 

They wanted to make some mewsic! 


What colour do kittens love the most? 



When cats need to go to the airport, who do they call? 

A tabby. 


Why are kittens actually excellent bosses? 

They have great littership. 


What does a choir of cats like to sing? 



When a cat doesn’t want to say goodbye, what do they say instead? 

See ya litter!


What did one cat say while her friend was complaining? 

Tail me about it.


Why do cats hate laptops? 

They don’t have a mouse.


Which day of the week do cats love the most? 



What did the sick cat say? 

I feel clawful!

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