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Tinkle Origins: Volume Two (1981)

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Remember all the summer holidays spent climbing trees, hunting for fruits and kicking back holding a humble Tinkle? The taste of the first mango of the season and the feeling of receiving your Tinkle in the mail?

Tinkle takes a trip down memory lane with Tinkle Origins. In these pages, we celebrate the magazine’s legacy of simpler times by featuring the works created by its pioneering artists and writers.

Spend some time learning Nasruddin Hodja’s notorious tricks, chuckle at Jack the simpleton’s foolishness, and discover how to outwit a mighty demon—this volume is chock-full of everything you’ve always loved about Tinkle.

Welcome back to a world of wonder, laughter, learning and fun.

Welcome back to the Tinkle you’ve grown up with.

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