Tantri The Mantri - The Dream Team

Rs. 125.00

Tantri is a minister at the court of king Hooja in a kingdom called Hujli. He is the man who protects the King from danger and acts of treason-he is also the man behind them! That’s right. Tantri the Mantri wants to become the king of Hujli, by hook or by crook. Alas! All his plans to dethrone Hooja backfire on him in the most comical and bizarre ways. Frustrated by his ability to be a specialist in failure, Tantri is turning to the experts for help. He’s assembled a team of three renowned assassins to take out Raja Hooja. Why three you ask? Well, because they may have beaten the best but they’ve never met Hooja. As Tantri stacks the odds heavily in his favour, will he snatch the crown from Hooja and watch his lifelong dream finally come true?

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