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What’s Special In June?

  1. Aadi, Nadia and their friends are going Back to School! This means it’s time to explore the NOIS tunnels again. Read the story to find out what they discover this time.
  2. Little Suppandi’s solution for his Computer Woes will definitely make you laugh.
  3. Have you ever wondered Why the Sun Sits in the Sky? Find out in a folk tale from Nigeria!
  4. Join Shikari Shambu who is Dancing in the Dark in a bid to protect animals from something really spooky.
  5. Chiropteros and Tweetyboy are ready to defeat the Transmogrifier. But what happens when she strikes first? Read Hybrid Hijinks to find out!
  6. In Mirror Mirror (Chapter 6), Tantri the Mantri gets one chance to take down evil ruler Sooja. Will he succeed or forever become a prisoner in another universe?
  7. Ancy has a falling out with her Appa because she doesn’t want to stop chatting with Rashi. Read For What It’s Earth to find out why she can’t put her phone away.
  8. You won’t stop giggling when you see Suppandi pull up someone for rash driving in Rule Keeper.
  9. The Defective Detectives have hired a furry friend! Will they solve a big mystery with Dabba on Duty?

Also Featuring:

Join Jagannath Halbe as he shares some rib-tickling puns in Pun-A-Thon. And don’t forget to See and Smile! Check out some bizarre, yet completely real news stories in Tinkle Times. Read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened To Me. Join Tinkle’s resident goofball as he answers some interesting questions sent by readers in Ask Suppandi. And You Be the Detective to help Inspector Nilgai prove that Lamit Langur is a criminal in Drive Safe!

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About Tinkle

Tinkle has been India’s formative children’s magazine for the last 40 years. Every week, we publish comic stories, facts, and features on a variety of topics from sports and craft to science and general knowledge that will inspire and inform you.

You will meet our classic characters—Suppandi, the hilarious simpleton; Shikari Shambu, with his adventures in the jungle; and Tantri, the evil Mantri. Also waiting to see you are several new characters—Defective Detectives, two boys who see a conspiracy everywhere; Aadi and Nadia from the wonderful boarding school NOIS; and WingStar, Tinkle’s superhero from the north-east.


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