Li'l Tinkle Writer
Happy B’day Tinkle
Contributor: Tejal Suresh

Oh Tinkle!
May you always Twinkle!

You make children happy,
You bring smiles to people who are unhappy!

Tell Rahul and Ravi
That their passion to be a detective is the same for me!

Also tell Suppandi
He is so funny that he makes me laugh a lot!!

Tell the YogYodhas
I would be happy to learn their power! I love Bir and Bala and Ustad Sti the most!

Tell Aisha, the head SuperWeirdo,
To teach me how to find my SuperWeird Power. I’d be happy to learn!

Tell WingStar and MadMixer
To teach me how to become a superhero like them!

Tell Nadia from NOIS
To teach me how to convince my parents to get me a pet!

Tell the wildlife photographer Shikari Shambu
To teach me how to lose weight.

Ask the sisters—Ina (The Hair Fry Girl), Mina, Mynah, and Mo
Where can I get the Tress Yes kit and the criminal patch board game.

And tell Tantri
That I found his Tantri Is Now The King! book online but I am yet to buy it.

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