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Tinkle Merchandise

Tinkle Merchandise

Our icons Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, and Tantri the Mantri are not just Tinkle toons but old pals for most of our readers. As a kid, you always hid your Tinkle comic book inside your backpack or under the bed. But now, we give you a chance to flaunt your Tinkle love. Get all the Tinkle swag you dreamt as a kid with our Tinkle merchandise collection. 

Jump onto the bandwagon of Tinkle merchandise and go retro cool with Suppandi and Shambu t-shirts, bobbleheads, fridge magnets, notebook, bags, coffee mugs, sippers, mobile covers, coasters, and more. Select from a wide range of our merchandise online and get the best deals and discounts. Let your style speak for you. 

Get your Tinkle swag and show off your Tinkle love through social media. Don't forget to tag Tinkle Comics Studio and use the hashtag #TinkleSwagAlert so that we too get a chance to show our love for you! 

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