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Beloved writer Ruskin Bond guest stars in this special Tinkle issue. Read the super exclusive It Happened to Me comic featuring a fun story from his childhood.

A mysterious scroll is doing the rounds of Tinkle Town. Who could have sent it? And what does it mean? Uncover the Mystery of the 700.

Magical Queen Bee the 700th has a job for Shikari Shambu. Will cowardly Shambu take it up? You’d Better ‘Bee’lieve It!

A brand new threat is looming over Earth... at least that’s what the Defective Detectives believe. Help them break Code 700!

Join WingStar in fighting deadly monsters in An Even Seven.

Travel back in time with the super special Tinkle Time Machine board game.

In this 700th issue, Agent 707 and Agent 777 are dishing out juicy Tinkle Scoops right from the Tinkle office.

Dive into colourful Tinkle Memories to know little known Tinkle facts.

Is your stack of Tinkles rising? With this easy Do-It-Yourself: A Tinkle-y Holder store all your Tinkle issues in style!

This World Tourism Day, Wai Knot is turning into a Tour Operator. How will a walk around Bengaluru go for him?

Celebrate World Gratitude Day and International Day of Peace by solving some exciting puzzles in Pic(k) Your Brain.

Unleash your inner artist and writer in the exciting Tinkle GagStar Contest! Prizes worth Rs.25,000 to be won!

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