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Tinkle Is A Fun-To-Read 76-Page Monthly Comic Magazine.

Each Issue Contains Several Delightful Stories, Some Revolving Around Lovable Cartoon Characters That Feature Regularly In The Magazine.

Every Issue Also Contains A Fascinating Science Or General Knowledge Feature, A Do-It-Yourself Craft Idea, Puzzles, Gags, A Book Review And First Hand Accounts Of Various Experiences Our Young Readers Have Had.

Get a free Tinkle Origins set of 3 books free with every Tinkle Magazine subscription.

Tinkle Origins concept is something to take us back to simpler times, Take a trip down memory lane with Tinkle’s classic characters.

We bring you all the Tinkle stories and features right from Tinkle #1! These three volumes put together Tinkle issues #1 to #18, published between December 1980 and April 1982

Travel back to a world of wonder, laughter, and learning that made your childhood so much fun. Welcome back to the world of Tinkle

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