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Explore. Educate. Act. But how?

It is important to keep exploring life beyond the usual. Learn about the things that affect our planet Earth. Understand all our actions that impact other beings. Find out the traces of history that are influencing our present. Explore destinations but responsibly. Make sure to take steps towards the betterment of the environment and society.

From the lesser-known destinations to fascinating discoveries, National Geographic brings you stories that matter. Stories you’d want to read and re-read. Stories that will impact you and compel you to take action. Stories that you will want to narrate to others. Stories of planet Earth, life, and beyond.

National Geographic Magazine is the official mouthpiece of the world-famous National Geographic Society and continues to be at the forefront of environmental and scientific research and ecological conservation.

National Geographic Traveller India is a print and online publication that focuses on real travel for real people. The goal of our travel magazine is to bring variety to travel, to take a new look at old destinations, to showcase fresh travel opportunities, and to highlight eco-tourism initiatives.

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