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If Tinkle Toons Were Animals…

If Tinkle Toons Were Animals…

I saw a meme that read Suppandi’s hair resembles centipede. And... my imagination took off! Suddenly, I thought, “If Tinkle Toons were animals, what animals would they be?”

I mean, we are not talking about Kalia the Crow because he is a crow but what would other Tinkle toons be?

Tinkle Toons as Animals


Our super lovable Tinkle Toon, Suppandi, would have been a beagle. Beagles are super cute and extremely friendly dogs. And we are well aware of how friendly Suppandi is. Every dog has one common characteristic, loyalty. Suppandi is faithful, honest and trustworthy beyond measure. So, if Suppandi was an animal he’d surely be a beagle.

Shikari Shambu

Lazy as he can be, given a chance, Shambu would have slept for eternity and beyond. So, unarguably, Shambu would be a sloth. We can turn to maths to prove this. How? Shambu = Sleep. Sloth = Sleep. Therefore, Shambu = Sloth. Hence proved! Haha...

Tantri the Mantri

Without a doubt, Tantri, the bad boy amongst our Tinkle Toons would’ve been a fox. Cunning Tantri keeps plotting to dethrone Hooja the King of Hujli. Luck never favours him and all his plans backfire. His wily nature can totally be equalled to that of a cunning fox!

Suppandi Shambu and Tantri


Super flexible, super fit and super fast Tinkle toon, YogYodhas, can easily be pictured as cheetahs. Cheetahs are one of the fastest animals with the most flexible spine. YogYodhas are also brave and fearless just like cheetahs.

Defective Detectives

It’s really difficult to find an animal that’s known for its curiosity. So, maybe, the Defective Detective duo, Ravi and Rahul could be squirrels. Squirrels are neither overthinkers nor extremely curious but imagining these small beings run up and down a tree, I can only relate the Defective Detectives running in and out a room overanalysing a situation. Do you think another animal would fit them better? Let us know in the comments below.


Our power girl WingStar as an animal would be a sharp and smart eagle. Looking at a majestic eagle soaring high up in the sky, I can imagine Mapui a.k.a. WingStar flying to save people from a big crisis.


Amongst the students of NOIS, our melodramatic Aadi would look super awesome as a peacock. With his love for drama and being the centre of attention. Nadia, as an animal, would surely be an otter. Otters are cute, adorable, playful, funny and clever, just like Nadia.

WingStar, YogYodhas, Defective Detective, and NOIS

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Anant - April 24, 2019

😎 And. Ramu and shamu as. Monkey,s? 🙊

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