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Shambu’s Summer Calendar For Gadget-free Vacation Fun!

Shambu’s Summer Calendar For Gadget-free Vacation Fun!

Summer is here! On a sunny afternoon, after a scrumptious meal and a plateful of mangoes, our beloved Shikari Shambu was ready to take a nap.

As he was about to relax on his garden hammock, the neighbourhood kids came running to him. Overjoyed because of their summer holidays, they demanded to hear adventure stories from Shambu. Shambu wasn’t up for it. When it comes to choosing between sleep and stories, sleep gets the highest priority! But the kids were too curious so our humble Shambu agreed to be the narrator.

Unfortunately, this event got repeated the next day too. Shambu felt the need to come up with a summer vacation calendar to keep the kids occupied. Here are the 31 activities he planned to keep the kids engaged for the month of May.

31 Best Activities For Summer Vacations By Shambu

#1: Grow your own veggies
Use your garden or balcony to grow vegetables like potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce or any of your favourite vegetables. Make sure that you take care of the plant every day. Once it starts bearing vegetables, you could cook and eat them.

Child growing plants

#2: Stargaze
Read a little about the galaxies and the Milky Way. Learn about the constellations and get ready for a starry starry night! Try identifying the constellations or get enthralled counting a million stars.

#3: Create your own masterpiece
Take that paintbrush and create magic on your canvas. Paint a beautiful landscape or sketch a portrait. Doodle something or draw your imaginary superhero. Whatever you do, make sure to fully explore the artist in you.

#4: Read your favourite book
Read storybooks, novels, how-to books or comics. Read whatever suits your personality and makes you happy. If you are a reluctant reader you can start with picture books or comics. This is the first step towards reading on your own. Read, read and read because #ReadingIsGood.

Child reading a book

#5: Play treasure hunt
Gather your team and play treasure hunt with them. Each of you could hide two or three things in another one’s room. Find all the treasure with the help of the clues. The one who finds all the treasure first is the winner!

#6: Build sand castles
Summertime is beach time! Head to your nearest beach with your parents and build sand castles. Make sure it resembles the one you have seen in your fairytale books or your dreams. Once done, you can proudly say that you built your own castle. Woohoo!

Build Sand Castle

#7: Send handwritten letters
Write a letter or a special note for your extended family or your friend next door. Put down all the emotions or just say thank you in a special way and post the letter. It’s going to be awesome and fun!

#8: Visit a library
Reading existing books are good but when you visit a library, you get to learn about different genres. You can browse through so many books. Once you get a library card, you can issue a book for yourself too.

Visit a library

#9: Participate in workshops
Mingling with your schoolmates and building friends is good but summer vacations are best to make new friends with similar interests as yours. How do you find them? Here’s the secret - attend a workshop that interests you. It could be about reading, storytelling, writing, drawing, or any other thing you like.

#10: Mother’s Day
12th May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. So, prepare a thank you card for your mom and surprise her on Mother’s Day. Handmade cards are always special. :)

#11: Play board games
Take out that board game and play together. Read the rules out loud and make sure nobody cheats! By the way, which is your favourite board game? Monopoly, chess, snakes and ladders or scrabble?

Board game: Chess

#12: Solve magazine puzzles
Subscribe to your favourite magazine or newsletter and solve the brain teasers and puzzles from it. It is fun and refreshing. Once you have successfully solved them, give a pat on your back and say, “Good job!”

#13: Organize a book club
Now that you have visited a library and read a few books, organize a book club. Invite your friends and discuss the books you have read. Ask them about their favourite book. If possible, exchange books, read, and discuss again.

#14: Play with the buddy box
Get yourself the Tinkle buddy box and play all day. It has cards, jigsaw puzzles and memory games. Play with friends or play it all alone. Either way, it’s fun!

Tinkle Buddy Box

#15: Make a DIY product
Try to make an easy DIY object. You can also refer to the DIY section in your Tinkle magazine. Make whatever you want — a bird feeder, a home decor object, a lantern, an accessory, etc.

#16: Become an expert
Pick up a topic that interests you and research on it. Promise yourself to become an expert in that topic and learn as much as you can about it. Won’t you like to hear people address you as an expert?

#17: Room cleaning race
Take up the room cleaning challenge with your sibling or your best friend. Time the activity and see who finishes first. The winner gets a treat from the loser!

#18: Shake a leg
Learn your favourite dance steps or create new steps for your favourite song. Shake a little and loosen up your body. Remember, each of us has a unique dancer hidden in us.

A child dancing

#19: Become a teacher
It’s a vacation and you can be anything you want. So, step into the shoes of a teacher and teach a new skill to someone. You could teach gardening to your sibling, letter-writing to your friend, a new game to your parents or new technology to your grandparents.

#20: Go camping
Camp in or camp out but make sure to set up a tent at night and light a torch in it. Makeup horror stories and make it a scary night for all!

#21: Do that sport
Pick up any sport that you love. It could be swimming, skating, volleyball, cricket, football, badminton, or any other athletic activity. Start practising it. You could also join summer camps and master the sport you like.

Summer Sport: Skating

#22: Plan a trip
You may already have your travels planned by elders in your family for vacations. However, you should try to prepare a travel itinerary to your dream destination. Once you are done, show it to your parents and tell them to follow it for the next vacation.

#23: Learn to play an instrument
Vacation is the best time to learn anything new and interesting. So, borrow an instrument from your friend or convert a plastic box into a drum and learn to create music.

#24: Origami
Learn the art of folding paper! Make paper boats, planes, dogs, butterflies or whatever you want, using craft paper. Get as creative as you can.

#25: Get ready for yoga
Learn five yoga asanas from our YogYodhas and practice them in the presence of your parents. Later, you ask your parents to join in for meditation.

Yoga asanas

#26: Enact a play
Pick a comic book or a scene from a drama and enact it. Decide which role each one wishes to play and do a few rehearsals. When you’re ready, enact the play in front of an audience.

#27: Play riddle games
Search or create 5 riddles for your friend. Ask your friends to do the same for you. Now try guessing the riddles. The one who solves the most riddles wins!

#28: Build with Lego
Make it a project; build your favourite cartoon with lego. Involve your friends and family. Make it as big or as tiny as you wish and make use of it as home decor.

#29: Become a storyteller
You must have heard a lot of bedtime stories from your grandparents or parents. This summer vacation, it’s time for you to tell them a story. Tell them a story you know and ask them questions to see if they were attentive throughout the session. Haha...

Parent and child read

#30: Cook a dish and eat it
Now that you have grown your own vegetables, it is time to cook and eat it. What if the vegetable is not ripe yet? Take some vegetables from the fridge. Don’t tell anyone. Hush! It’s a secret between Shambu and you. But, when you go to the kitchen, make sure to take your parent’s permission.

#31: Prepare your vacation diary
Write down your entire vacation experience in a journal. Keep it brief or describe every detail, it’s all up to you.

Summer Vacation Calendar

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