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Did You Know-It-All About The ICC Cricket World Cup?

Did You Know-It-All About The ICC Cricket World Cup?

Ravi’s sister, Sam, has a reputation for being a bit of a know-it-all. So Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives, have taken it upon themselves to try and prove that Sam might actually not know it all. This ICC Cricket World Cup season, they are trying to show-off their cricket knowledge. Will they outwit Sam? Let’s find out!

Ravi: It’s world cup time! I am totally backing Australia. Australian cricketers have some of the best world records to their name. What about you Rahul?

Rahul: I support you in supporting Australia, brother.

Sam: *overhearing their conversation* I’ll be cheering for India and you both duffers should too!

Ravi: What makes you think we’ll listen to you, sappy Sammy? Ricky Ponting, former captain of Australia, won the world cup twice. He also holds the record for the second most number of centuries in world cup history. So, it’s Australia all the way! Bet you didn’t know that dum dum!

Sam: You snippy soul, I do know that. But do you know who holds the record for the topmost number of centuries? Legendary Indian cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar.

Cricket player

Ravi: For the record, that’s just one record.

Sam: You dim-wit, Sachin Tendulkar also claimed the highest runs in a tournament 673 from 11 matches in 2003 and the leading run scorer with 2,278 runs in 45 matches.

Ravi: That’s just Sachin. There are no records of the Indian cricket team. While Australia is the only country to have won 5 world cups of which 3 were won in succession.

Sam: *slow clap* Bravo, Ravi! You’ve very well studied Australian cricket history to boost your smartness. But, Mr. Smartypants you barely know a thing about Indian cricket history.

Rahul: Why do you say that, Sam?

Sam: Because… India has a record of winning all three world cups of 20 overs, 50 overs, and 60 overs. The only country who can possibly beat this record is West Indies.

Ravi: Oh 'possibly'? Not much of a know-it-all are you, Sam?

Sam: The 60 overs world cup is no longer played and the only countries who won the 60 overs world cups were India and West Indies. Obviously, you dullards wouldn’t know.

Ravi: Stop acting so smart, Sam. We do know a lot about international cricket history. Rahul, tell her what I told you this morning.

Rahul: Oh yes! Ravi told me that Kepler Wessels played for two countries at the same time.

Sam: Half knowledge is a dangerous thing. That’s why I say my brother’s company is dangerous.

Rahul: What do you mean?

Tinkle toons: Rahul and Ravi confused with Sam's question

Sam: Kepler Wessels played for Australia from 1982 to 1985 and for South Africa from 1991. He didn’t play for both countries at the same time, you idiot. In fact, he was also named as South Africa’s captain for the 1992 World Cup.

Ravi: See, that’s why I like to support players and not teams.

Rahul: Every time we support a player their team wins.

Sam: So, did you support Imran Khan in 1992?

Rahul: Huh?

Sam: Imran Khan, former Pakistani cricketer, retired to international cricket in 1988 but returned to play 1992 ODI, which eventually led to Pakistan winning their first World Cup championship.

Rahul: How is that possible?

Ravi: Maybe the cricketer was too bored at home and was missing the field?

Sam: Unlike you two, cricketers do have a better retirement plan. Imran returned to the field on then Pakistani President General Zia-ul-Haq's request.

Rahul: Just like how people ask us to solve their mystery cases!

Sam: *Humph* Which odd event are you referring to, Agent Useless? Now, will you just pass me the T.V. remote and buzz off?

As usual, Rahul and Ravi didn’t know it all about cricket but what about you? Did you know all the facts mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below.

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